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steve rogers is proof that you can be a sarcastic little shit and a genuinely amazing person

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We may all be in different fandoms but we can all agree on one thing: we all just want a dragon.

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by matthew ferguson

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Bette Davis in All About Eve  (Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1950)


Bette Davis in All About Eve  (Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1950)




just remember that had voldemort picked neville to kill instead of harry and nevile was the boy who lived/the chosen one if neville had that lightening bolt scar severus snape would still be a death eater

it’s not like he thought being a death eater was wrong — it wasn’t until something directly affected him did he reconsider and idk about you but that is not my definition of “bravery” in the slightest

That…is actually a really good point

This actually makes me more sad that Neville wasn’t the boy who lived.  Everyone would have had much better lives.

Lily and James wouldn’t be dead, so Harry wouldn’t have grown up with the Dursleys.  Sirius probably wouldn’t have gone off after Pettigrew without telling anyone why and not gone to Azkaban.  Snape would still be a Death Eater so he wouldn’t have been hired at Hogwarts and wouldn’t be in charge of small children. (cuz whatever your sympathies, that man should not have been allowed to teach.)  Grandma Longbottom would still have been as intimidating as hell, but instead of scaring poor Neville with expectations, she would be bringing the wrath of GOD down on anyone who bothers her grandson.  And we would get to read from the POV of a much more self aware narrator.

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1920s Queens and Princesses Fashion [10/35]

Women wore cloche hats throughout the twenties.  A cloche hat told everyone that you had short hair.  It was only possible to get a close fitting cloche on the skull if the hair was cropped short and flat.  The cloche hat affected body posture as it was pulled well over the eyes which meant young women held their heads at a specific angle in order to see where they were going. 

↳ Queen Marie of Romania • Mary Princess Royal • Queen Astrid of Belgium

And as a frequent wearer of 1920s vintage cloches who adores them, can I just mention that they also have a deadening effect on your hearing? Some fit so closely they block your ears.

Good to know.


Nothing in the world looks more guilty than a rodent with its cheeks full.

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At the Temple of Horus (via courth)


At the Temple of Horus (via courth)

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